The story of the team behind the project of the very first Montenegro Colouring Books is infused with female energy, deep and lengthy friendships, and love, creative challenges, and a mutual goal to create magic, thus changing ourselves and the world around us. The strength and energy to accomplish this have been absorbed by those youngest around us who remind us to cherish the kid within ourselves and to have fun with everything we do.

This is how miracles happen. 

With lots of work, persistence, and mutual support, we replicate adventures and landscapes on paper – through illustrations of Montenegrin motives which inspire and stories that spark our way to keep exploring. The Montenegrin Colouring Book is a project initiated with the desire to present Montenegro in a different way to our youngsters and those a bit older. The authentic drawings and interesting short stories will bring the joy of exploring to all those who decide to give these cities some of their favourite colours. 

Sharpen your pencils and get ready for unforgettable adventures!



Adrijana is inspired by the Universe, she plays around with the stars, then makes plans and puts together short stories of the main characters of colouring books.


IT, Editorial Team Member

Tijana generates ideas and sets our mood; thanks to her, you are here today.


Designer, Editorial Team Member

Ana is the enchantress behind the Ribizla Studio that gives the magic its final form so that it can reach you.



Zombijana’s skilful hands play with lines and shapes, and on the wings of the imagination illustrate adventures that cry out for colour.


Digital Comms Associate

Ljubica translates colouring books into English, and her love for colouring gives colouring books a special charm – both in the offline and online world.


Media Associate

Nataša’s whimsical spirit and handiness with words turn our shared adventures into special experiences in the online world.


Montenegrin Language Proof-Reader

Jelena is Editorial Team’s right hand; she gives the last stamp of approval to all our editions.

For information about colouring books, their placement as well as special editions, contact us via e-mail: [email protected]

Media/press conact:
[email protected]