The Portrayal of Montenegro

24 authentic illustrations represent each of the Montenegrin municipalities and bring interesting stories about them.

The Golden Eagle is taking you on a new adventure across Montenegro, from North to South. Together, you will fly over Montenegrin mountains, rivers, lakes, and the sea. The unforgettable adventure is awaiting. Did you take out our pencils?

This infinitely entertaining flight will acquaint you with all 24 municipalities and their famous landmarks. Some you will see in daylight and others in the twilight, or even in the starlight. About some, we will tell you summer stories, and others are waiting for you with unforgettable winter magic...

Your friend from the front page, the Golden Eagle, is one of the most precious ornaments of our mountains and sky, a live symbol of Montenegro. Did you know that golden eagles are very emotional and in February they perform acrobatic flights, known as the “wedding dance”, which is their way of celebrating life?

A4; 28 pages; 24 illustrations

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